What is a Head Check or Shoulder Check?



The Learn Drive Survive™ Safer Drivers Course will teach learner drivers the importance of performing head checks when driving. Did you know that many crashes occur because drivers fail to turn their head and check their blind spots before turning or moving the position of their vehicle? In fact, failing to perform head checks is one of the most common reasons for failing a driving test. If you miss three (3) head checks during your NSW driving test, you will fail. 

A head check is simply checking your blind spot (chin to shoulder 90°) before changing your path or position including when preparing to turn and during manoeuvres. All vehicles have blind spots and head checks are an essential observation driving skill. When doing a head check, you don’t have to turn your whole body around or an extreme turning of your head and/or neck. Simply turn your head 90° so that your chin aligns with your shoulder, a head check is deemed to be complete. Remember, it’s only a quick check because it’s the peripheral vision that is picking up light and movement.

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Should I do the Learn Drive Survive™ Safer Drivers Course?


The Learn Drive Survive™ Safer Drivers Course not only gives learner drivers 20 hours in their logbooks, it helps prepare and path a way for safer drivers in the future. Building awareness of safe driving habits and knowing how to manage risks for young learners under the age of 25, is the purpose behind the Safe Drivers Course. For many young people, just passing the HPT and getting their P’s, is all they really care about. Most people understand that, but getting your licence and continuing safe driving habits is so important. In the early stages of passing the Driver Knowledge Test (DKT) and getting your L's, you must get as much driving practice as you can. This means driving in all traffic conditions, locations and environments.

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Safe Driving Tips on Wet Roads & Rain


To help learner drivers become safe drivers, they need to have the knowledge, skills and understanding of a variety of driving scenarios and situations. This is why the Safer Drivers Course with Learn Drive Survive, will teach them how to make safer choices, become familiar with the road rules and have a better driver attitude. However, all of these things can only develop with on-going practice and experience.

Apart from what learners will be taught during the Learn Drive Survive SDC, here are a few safety tips when driving in the rain or on wet roads.

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