Should I do the Learn Drive Survive™ Safer Drivers Course?

By Dee


The Learn Drive Survive® Safer Drivers Course not only gives learner drivers 20 hours in their logbooks, it helps prepare and path a way for safer drivers in the future. Building awareness of safe driving habits and knowing how to manage risks for young learners under the age of 25, is the purpose behind the Safe Drivers Course. For many young people, just passing the HPT and getting their P’s, is all they really care about. Most people understand that, but getting your licence and continuing safe driving habits is so important. In the early stages of passing the Driver Knowledge Test (DKT) and getting your L's, you must get as much driving practice as you can. This means driving in all traffic conditions, locations and environments.

All learner drivers in NSW and nationwide for that matter, should consider enrolling in a defensive driving course or Safer Drivers Course. Completing such a course will help build and implement the necessary skills and knowledge that is required to be a safer driver.

Should I do the Safer Drivers Course with Learn Drive Survive®?

Crash data proves that after getting your P's, the first six (6) months of driving solo for inexperienced drivers are unfortunately at the highest risk of crashing for their WHOLE DRIVING LIFE. Passing the driving test doesn't make you an experienced driver. It just means that you met the driving test requirements on the day through basic driving situations. Experience can only be achieved through on-going and continual driving over an extended period of time. To help learner drivers transition to solo driving, Learn Drive Survive are approved providers to deliver the NSW Safer Drivers Course.

All students of the SDC will be taught low-risk driving choices and simple, yet effective techniques and safer driving strategies. Learners will also be taught how to reduce and manage everyday distractions and unnecessary risks.

How is the Safer Drivers Course Structured?

Learn Drive Survive only use qualified and experienced facilitators and coaches for the delivery of the SDC. The course involves a classroom component - Module 1 (theory) and a in-car component - Module 2 (practical). During Module 1, learners will focus on the effective management strategies to become safer drivers. This session also allows students to identify internal and external influences as well as the strategies that can help manage them. This results in better decision making and low-risk driving behaviours.

Module 1 - Students will learn the following;

  • Identifying and managing hazards
  • Identifying and managing risks
  • The importance of speed management
  • How and why to maintain safe following distances
  • Avoid and manage distractions
  • Safe gap selection and decision making
  • And much more

Module 2 is a two (2) hour practical in-car coaching session. Module 2 involves two (2) students and the instructor (coach) in the vehicle at a time. Learners will put the Module 1 content into a real life training environment. During this session, learner drivers will focus on defensive driving techniques and will be taught how to manage risks and low-risk driving strategies for a safe driving future. Upon successful completion of the NSW Safe Drivers Course with Learn Drive Survive, students will gain invaluable knowledge and a much better understanding of defensive low-risk driving techniques. They will also look at ways to identify and effectively manage external and internal challenges.

The Safer Drivers Course can only accomodate twelve (12) students at any one time. This is to ensure that learners get the most out of a smaller group and don’t feel intimidated and can educate themselves on road safety. Learn Drive Survive SDC believe that making our roads safer through safe driving initiatives such as the Safer Drivers Course. Although not mandatory, the course promotes road safety and ultimately helps reduce the road toll.

How to Book a Course with Learn Drive Survive®

If you want to complete the Safer Drivers Course, you must hold a valid NSW Learner Licence and be under the age of 25. You must also have a minimum of 50 actual log book hours which don't include any bonus hours from driving instructors. The course cost is only $140. Only learner drivers who reside in NSW can complete the course.


If you meet the course criteria and would like to receive 20 logbook hours, book online or call our friendly team on 1800 898 969 and they will be happy to assist you. Alternatively, visit Learn Drive Survive and reserve your spot.

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