Warners Bay Safer Drivers Course | 20 Logbook Hours Only $140


 Safer Drivers Course in Warners Bay 

The Warners Bay Safer Drivers Course is the best defensive driving course for learner drivers in Warners Bay. Learn Drive Survive driver training, has the best driving instructors in Warners Bay and are qualified to deliver the course. All learner drivers are encouraged to complete a driver safety course in Warners Bay with Learn Drive Survive to help create more safer drivers.

Should Learner Drivers do a Defensive Driving Course in Warners Bay?

In the first six (6) months of getting their P’s and driving solo, drivers aged between 17 and 25 are unfortunately at the highest risk of crashing. It doesn't mean they're experienced drivers after pass the driving test. It just means they were able to meet the driving test standards and abide by the road rules for the duration of the driving test. Experience only comes from time, repetition and on-going driving.

The Learn Drive Survive SDC teach safe driving techniques that help to develop low-risk driving choices. All learner drivers of the SDC will learn simple yet effective safer driving skills. They will be taught strategies to become safer drivers and will learn how to reduce and manage everyday distractions and unnecessary risk taking.

The Safer Drivers Course is available to learner drivers who have a minimum of 50 actual hours driving experience. Upon completion of Module 1 and 2, learners will gain 20 bonus hours in their Logbook. The course aims to teach safe driver behaviour and to develop low-risk driving choices. Learners will be taught defensive driving techniques for on-going practice and skills development. Upon completion of the Safer Drivers Course with Learn Drive Survive, learners will gain the knowledge and a better understanding of low-risk driving and how to make better choices when driving.

In accordance with Transport for NSW requirements, the course can only permit a maximum of twelve (12) students. This is to ensure learners don’t feel over-whelmed and can comfortably educate themselves about the importance of road safety.

Although the course is not mandatory, Learn Drive Survive SDC believe that making our roads safer through safe driving initiatives such as the Warners Bay Safer Drivers Course, helps reduce the road toll involving young in-experienced drivers and will continue to promote road safety.

How to Book a Driver Safety Course in Warners Bay

To complete the Safe Driver Course, you must hold a current NSW Learner Licence, have a minimum of 50 actual hours of driving and be under 25 years of age. The cost of the course is $140 and is only available to learners from NSW. Learn Drive Survive is an accredited provider of the Transport for NSW Safer Drivers Course. We currently offer courses in Sydney, Central Coast, Newcastle, Lake Macquarie, Hunter, Port Stephens, Mid North Coast and Northern Rivers.

If you meet the course requirements, and want to gain an additional 20 bonus logbook hours, click here to book online or call our friendly team on 1800 898 969 and they will be happy to assist you.

To book the Safe Driver Course online, simply click NEWCASTLE > Choose WARNERS BAY and book your course date.

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