The SINGLETON Safer Drivers Course also commonly known to NSW learner drivers as the 20 hour driver safety course, teaches learner drivers techniques and strategies that help minimise unnecessary risk taking. Strategies such as managing distractions and other influences that can affect their driving capability. 

Do You Want to Learn How to Be a Safer Driver in SINGLETON?

How would you like to receive an additional 20 logbook hours for completing a 5 hour learner driver defensive driving course in SINGLETON?

Who Can Enrol in the SINGLETON Driver Safety Course?

If you're a learner driver under 25 years of age, have a minimum of 50 actual logbook hours (excluding the 3 for 1 bonus hours) you can enrol in the safe drivers course with Learn Drive Survive®.

The Learn Drive Survive® Safe Drivers Course in SINGLETON is a defensive driving course that will help learner drivers on their journey to become safe solo drivers. The SINGLETON SDC aims to teach low-risk driving behaviours and participants will learn simple techniques and other safe driving strategies, to help reduce and manage distractions and unnecessary risk taking.




Speed Management

Driving at a speed suitable to the conditions is essential to minimise the risk of a crash. Lower speeds also allows drivers to see more. Learn simple speed management techniques to allow for critical reaction responses.


Hazard Awareness & Response

Hazard Perception includes the process of recognising and reacting to potentially dangerous driving situations. Learn how to identify and effectively respond to hazards and developing hazards.


Safe Following Distance 

Maintaining a Safe Following Distance is essential when driving in the same direction behind traffic. Learn how to create, maintain, protect and manage a Safe Following Distance whilst driving and when stopped in traffic.


Safe Gap Selection

Choosing a safe gap in traffic is a skill that requires on-going practice. A learners judgment on distance is in the developing stages. Learn techniques that will help you identify safe gaps without taking unnecessary risks.


Identifying & Avoiding Risks

A hazard is something that has potential to harm you. Risk is the likelihood of a hazard causing harm. Learn the difference between both and how to manage and avoid risks in a real life driving situation.


Other Defensive Strategies

There are many simple tips and techniques you can do to be a safe driver. Things such as vehicle placement and the anticipation of others, can help prevent a crash and keep you safe and will teach you these skills for life.

The safe driving course is delivered by experienced and qualified trainers and professional driving instructors and is broken down into two (2) components. Module 1 (classroom) and Module 2 (in-vehicle). Module 1 is conducted by an experienced facilitator and involves a three (3) hour group discussion set in a classroom environment.

Throughout Module 1, learners will explore the behaviours and effective management strategies to become safer drivers. This session allows students to identify external and internal influences and the strategies that can help manage them resulting in better decision making and safe driving behaviours.



Module 2 of the driver safety course is a two (2) hour practical coaching session. This session involves two (2) students and a qualified coach (instructor) in the vehicle at a time. Students will reflect on the content they covered in Module 1 and put this knowledge into a practical training environment. Upon completion of this AWESOME SDC with Learn Drive Survive, learners will gain the knowledge and understanding of low-risk driving and how to better manage internal and external challenges.

This safe driving program in SINGLETON has been designed to accommodate a maximum of twelve (12) students to ensure learners don’t feel over-whelmed and can comfortably educate themselves about the importance of road safety.


The course cost is only $140 and learners receive 20 hours towards their NSW learner logbook. If you are the holder of a Concession or Health Care card, you may be eligible to complete the course for FREE.

To register for the 20 Logbook Hour SINGLETON Safer Drivers Course, learners must meet the following requirements; Hold a current Learner Licence Be under the age of 25 years Have a minimum of 50 actual logbook hours (excluding 3 for 1 bonus hours). 

To book online, simply visit and click HUNTER > Choose SINGLETON and book your course date. 

Alternatively, call our friendly team on 1800 898 969 and they will be happy to assist you.

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